Battleship Chess

Battleship Chess 2.1

A game where you play Battleship with a Chess undertone

Battleship Chess is a game that combines the naval strategy from Battelship with the thoughtful, turn-based moves of Chess. Your mission is to find and destroy your opponent’s fleet. In your search for the enemy you use your battleships, battle cruisers, destroyers and submarines. When you find your target, you try to sink them with your guns, torpedoes and depth charges. Play your battle cards during the battles, dropping mines or escorting merchant ships to safety. You can play Battleship Chess against the computer as well as human opponents online or at the very same PC. During the game you are in command of 6 types of warships, including 2 types of battleships. Battleship Chess allows you to upgrade your warships with better armour, more ammo and bigger guns, and you can also choose to play the battles in quick, single battles or in long, multi battle games. There are replay options with randomly generated wars and battles.